The Whole Mama - A Podcast with Jenna Gibbons

#23: Rise Up, Mama!

January 06, 2022 Season 2 Episode 23
The Whole Mama - A Podcast with Jenna Gibbons
#23: Rise Up, Mama!
Show Notes

We’ve been called.  We have to be brave, bold, and strong for our little humans that God so graciously gave us.  What an honor that was given to us by Him for a reason.  What a responsibility that often feels way too big…but let’s remember that we were chosen for this by God…and we have to trust his judgement and his belief in us.  Despite what we have always heard…we CAN be a mother and a teacher.  Mothers ARE teachers.

We’ve been called to pour into our kids who will be the future.  They are the next generation.  They are worth pouring into daily, and that can start right at home.  It’s not easy…it’s a huge responsibility…and it takes everything we have in us.  

I want moms to confidently feel that they can rise up and teach their kids at home if they are unhappy with what’s going on in schools today.  

I know because I did that and experienced ALL of that…especially watching my students struggle, cry on assessment days, attempt to read and write with little confidence, only read when they had to, and miss out on those experiences that only childhood really provides.

“Either we create a space where reading is something that is done for the joy of it, where the imagination is cultivated and allowed to wander and stretch and grow, or we deaden our children’s natural love for the written word.” 
-Sarah Mackenzie

“We literally school the love of reading right out of our kids, and then we worry because they aren’t taken up with a voracious love of literature and a burning desire to enjoy reading for pleasure.”
-Sarah Mackenzie

So, this episode is really for the mama who has this decision on her heart or has already made the decision to homeschool, but is absolutely terrified of doing it “wrong.”  

Let’s stop worrying about messing up and doing it perfectly and more about offering a space of love, support, and meeting our kids right where they are.  About slowing down and being intentional about our time and our teaching.  

Let’s focus more on WHY we are choosing to teach at home and why we want to make meaningful connections with our kids.  Why we are choosing to show up for them them every single day.  Why we rearrange schedules with our spouses to co-parent and teach and make it work.  Why many still work full-time and homeschool…yes…that’s possible!  Why we are aren’t settling anymore for what’s going on today, and we’re taking it into our own hands.  They’re our kids…and it’s time.  

So, where do you start?  

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