The Whole Mama - A Podcast with Jenna Gibbons

#31: Find Your Homeschool Style

April 15, 2022 Jenna Gibbons Season 2 Episode 31
The Whole Mama - A Podcast with Jenna Gibbons
#31: Find Your Homeschool Style
Show Notes

According to the US Census Bureau (USCB) Household Pulse Survey, "the number of parents choosing to homeschool grew from 3.2 million to at least 5 million between March 2020 and the start of the 2020–21 school year."

Homeschooling parents aren't going anywhere.  More families are starting to homeschool these days, and they are often unsure of the style of homeschooling to choose.

"Homeschooling can be as traditional as "school-at-home" programs where students study the same stuff at home as do their peers at the local school. Or homeschooling can be as radical as "Unschooling" education where the lessons are student-directed explorations devoid of homework and tests. 

"Bear in mind, there is considerable overlap between many of these educational models. This means that there is plenty of room, if needed, to share and borrow ideas between styles. Homeschool teachers typically mix methods and materials liberally. But to avoid any unsavory creations, it’s probably best to get a good working knowledge of your teaching materials and methods before splicing them with others."

There are tons of styles out there !  This episode will share about them briefly, and I highly encourage you to do your own reflection and research on those that tug at your heart.

Examples of Styles:
-School at Home
-Unit Studies
-Charlotte Mason
-and more!

Questions to ask:
What’s your child’s learning style?  What’s your teaching style?  What does your family enjoy? How many children do you have?  Ages?  Special needs to consider?  What is your homeschool budget?  How much screen time?  Are you incorporating your faith?  What is your belief/philosophy about learning?  What is your schedule like?  Do you work?  Do you have a business?  Do you travel?

This is an on-going and evolving thing!  Here are important things to remember from the amazing Sarah Mackenzie:

“A peaceful and happy mother is the real key to successful homeschooling.”

What is true about you?  What in your heart is good and true about homeschooling for you?  Only you know that. 

“I became a peaceful and happy homeschooling mom when I learned to be content with my own preferences and no longer strove to be like the women whose strengths are different from my own.”

Finding your homeschooling style takes trial and error and just time.  Try things out…see how they work for you and your kids…adjust and move forward.  

Leave you with this: ‘“Take a deep breath, mama.  This isn’t as dependent on you as you think it is.  Give God your “Here I am.  Use me.”  Let Him carry the burden.’


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